twenty one?

i’ll spend a day out myself and relish in being one with the world. and i will write a letter to myself and open it up a year later when i am 22 to see how much things have changed. for 21 means letting go of adults’ hands, for you are now one yourself, not quite, but almost – a trial period of adulting.

there is so much that i will learn over the next year. that i am sure. certain things that happened that are going to shape me. eventful, milestone things. i’m glad i experienced this in a phase of my life that would optimise my growth. although many would term them as “bad things” i simply treat them as things that happen that provide me with so many learning points, and i am glad.

i’m not holding a party because it’s expensive and i would rather spend ample time appreciating each group or each friend that i hold dear to me instead of waltzing around entertaining everyone suboptimally. take the opportunity to fully access myself and how i ought to proceed from here. there is so much that i can learn from my experiences. 🙂

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