A record of moments I would always keep close to my heart.


Bukit Panjang MRT, my gaze suddenly focused upon you emerging from the escalator. I before the tapping area, and you coming from the train platform, your shirt starkly white

Sitting at the long, hard table in Golden Mile, having classic breakfast sets for brunch, lightly conversing, simple, uncomplicated, content

Making ourselves comfortable on the bean bags at The Projector, before the movie began

Captions we (or rather, mostly you) would provide as the movie ran

Wrapped up in your jacket like it was a blanket, and feeling nice, until I touched your deathly cold hand, and felt sheepish

Braving the rain together walking from Harbourfront to Keppel Bay, you holding the umbrella, and me taking in the scenes

When we got directed to a room, and it was super posh, and the waiter asked us hard or sparkling water and you balked, and after I said sparkling and looked down at the menu and saw $88, and then we escaped The Prive, which was awkward and amusing

In the drizzle, taking a bunch of photos, in the coolness and wetness, slightly awkward and bummed, but happy and relieved about getting out of the suffocating space and not spending potentially hundreds on a dinner

While walking back to Harbourfront, munching on cold, hard onion rings

Meeting a man who asked for money, and you gave $10, and we had a short discussion over it

Escaping Fish & Co and feeling sheepish about escaping another restaurant

Ending up at Monster Curry for dinner, but we couldn’t finish the food

Taking 963 back to BPJ, and opening up the thoughtful gifts you gave me, which I accepted while thinking about the amount of money you have spent on the day including those but still feeling appreciative anyway

Sitting on a bench below the staircase at BPP, sinking into each other, although I can’t remember much of what we were talking about


You, holding me, while we braved the queue to get into service #3, but we gave up and climbed away to get lunch for you

Sitting at the space in Star Vista, talking

At the guitar shop, trying out the guitars, and me trying to keep a normal composure while furiously melting within when you strum and sang a little

Playing Goat Simulator while waiting to enter service #4

Finally entering the airconditioned amphitheater, taking in the sights and sounds

You holding my hand really tight at certain moments, of which I knew meaning ran deep, or otherwise indicating support, and saying things that made me feel much at ease, like I was still here with the Kelvin I knew, inappropriate things at certain junctures

Finishing the service, and on the way down on the escalator, a million confusing thoughts moving through my mind

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