Re-calibrating myself and getting my shit back together

Sent in my first questions email of the semester and feeling mildly put-together again;

Yesterday we met for the first time in 2 months and it was as though nothing much had changed (even though so much had changed) and we were talking like we used to, somewhat

Asshole had to sign off his letter with an endearing term and had to touch my waist briefly before we parted ways too so that was somewhat of an emotional upheaval

I haven’t cried like that ever since two months ago

But you know, I think I’m stronger now, because here I am, with my shit together, and I’m not so easily off-centre now

I think it’s because I’ve accepted things

And even though I did reply him through Whatsapp I’m prepared for no response, and I did say “see you around in school” which signals a lack of commitment

But yeah I think I gotta give myself a pat on the back for still attending all my classes and even eating by myself during peak hour (although that only happened once)

I wouldn’t have done that in the past, both

Yeah I’m strong and I understand myself a lot better now

I’m really run by emotions and I don’t listen to other people’s suggestions; i like to do my own thang even though there are easier ways to do it; i’m a bit of a psychopath because i like to lie and put people down which is terrible

So here are some things I wish to do to improve myself:

  1. Start listening more to my family and closest friends
  2. Keep making good choices and not sink into depression
  3. Head out of home to explore places alone more, build a sense of self and improve on my direction sense haha
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