real to-do list

  • Revamp Excel for shop, focus on shop
  • Clear URECA well
  • Start looking for possible places to internship (start: dec/jan 2018)
  • Write film review for mr nobody (2009)
  • Watch limitless (2011)
  • Write film review for limitless
  • Watch black mirror, 13 reasons why
  • 48 laws of power
  • return JC his book
  • finish chaos walking trilogy
  • read more non-fiction
  • write more book reviews?
  • make passport
  • brush up on calligraphy
  • overseas???
  • start regular fitness regime

travel – places i wish to go

  • bkk – artbox, chatuchak etc.
  • taiwan!!!
  • japan!!
  • UAE
  • chinaa
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