the johari window

accumulated feedback (some i’m still finding hard to wrap my head around)

– insincere
– defensive
– unreliable
– selfish
– insensitive
– inconsistent

– enterprising
– strong
– intelligent
– logical
– resourceful
– pretty

to always be aware as much as possible 4 different perspectives
– how i see myself
– how i would like to see myself
– how others see you
– how others would like to see you



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bucket list

  • get my ears pierced
  • climb a mountain
  • experience all 4 seasons
  • graduate uni
  • get a tattoo
  • have a stock portfolio
  • run 5k
  • learn how to ride a bike
  • go clubbing
  • travel alone
  • go to europe
  • become proficient at a new language
  • adopt a pet
  • get driver’s license
  • make a full course meal
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02/03 Aug 2017

02 Aug 2017 – Ushering @ Convocation 2017

  1. Sometimes it’s okay to just say what you mean (recall: conversation during the break; religion was brought up; what about the 2 of you? Atheist? Should have just said pantheist la)
  2. Next time someone says something like “next year will be you getting the award” you better throw it back and say something like “nahhh you mean you! HAHAHA”
  3. Sometimes you need to be gungho and just do it just be fierce

03 Aug 2017

  1. Next time someone says “i heard you worked really hard on this” plis don’t ignore and plis bring up your team members “everyone worked hard on this!” the key is the throw the ball back! JUST FUCKING SAY SOMETHING FFS
  2. Proud of u handling that insurance phone call today tho!!!
  3. You really need to deliver what you promise.
  4. Next time you go overseas or u can’t work plis just tell the prof k


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Summer of 2017

This summer felt a whole lot like summer. Maybe it’s because I experienced it in a country with four proper seasons and because I’ve been out in the open more. These three months passed quickly like a dream. And here I am two weeks to year 4 semester 1 beginning and I feel like there’s finally been a decent stretch between where I was then and where I am now. It’s 10.15am now, and I have allocated approximately two hours to do up the table for the review paper, which obviously isn’t enough, but that’s the most I can muster without stressing myself out too much. I increasingly feel the need to review my summer so as to grab hold of what is slipping away from my hands as time progresses.

  • I spent a large portion of my time on lab work and URECA (about 1.5-2 months)
  • I also went overseas for leisure for the very first time! 2 weeks in Korea
  • Started to dabble in some SketchUp and I think I’ve some knack for this
  • Watched a couple of movies – wonder woman, into the wild, 5cm per second
  • Also took up some awesome tv series – westworld, criminal minds
  • Read some books – LKY hard truths, a room of one’s own
  • Visited some new places in Singapore – sungei buloh wetland reserve, navigated myself to the laptop repair shop, (going to) telok ayer this weekend (but didn’t go to many places in Singapore this summer)
  • Working for convocation (today)

To do:

  • Complete review paper
  • Watch: dunkirk
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the end of summer is near

It really felt like summer this year,
The unrelenting sweltering heat on my skin,
Sunlight dancing carelessly on everything around me.
I’m more content than I’ve ever been

The dawn is near.
A new beginning lies on the horizon
Has it really been three years?
Where did all that time go?
There has been so much growth
So much darkness
And yet so much strength
I was naive but now
I’m a little bit better.
There is so much more to know
So much more to grow
I’m only just started.
my wings are hardened and i shake free
i break free
what are boundaries?
at the prime of my youth,
anything is possible

and i learnt, finally, that
you can never forget someone
not after they meant so much to you
you only learn how to live with the loss
and learning how to live with loss is
one of life’s biggest lessons
for you arrive here vulnerable and alone,
and you will leave alone still

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  1. Go exploring.
  2. Just do it.
  3. Fix on a goal, and strive towards it.
  4. Family first.
  5. Make efforts to keep friends close.
  6. Routine works.
  7. Exercise is always benefial.
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South Korea Itinerary

Day 01: Incheon Airport > Lotte Mart > Myeongdong Shopping Street

Day 02: Nami Island > Petit France > Myeongdong Shopping Street

Day 03: Changdeokgung Palace > Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street > Myeongdong Shopping Street

Day 04: Jeonju Hanok Village > Jaman Mural Village > Imokdae > Jeondong Cathedral > Pungnammun Gate > Nambu Market 

Day 05: Gyeonggijeon Shrine + Royal Portrait Museum > Hanbyeokdang Pavilion > National Intangible Heritage Centre

Day 06: Hongdae > Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street

Day 07-09: Hospital trippin’ + Confinement

Day 10: War Memorial Museum > Itaewon > Hangang River

Day 11: Nambu Intercity Bus Terminal > Gungnamji Pond > Buyeo National Museum > Jeongnimsaji Temple Site

Day 12: Garosu-gil > Myeongdong Shopping Street

Day 13: Noryangin Fish Market > Ihwa Mural Village > Seoul Sky > SNU district

Day 14: Gwangjang Market > Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street

Day 15: Incheon Airport > Lotteria for Lunch > Bibimbap for Dinner


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